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Technology index:
1. Appearance: light color oil liquid
2. Tone: (cobalt-platinum color proportion)≤150
3. Density: (20℃): 0.99-1.03
4. Flash point: (open)≥190
5. Acid value: (mg.koh/g)≤2
6. Freezing point: -5℃

Property and feature:
The product is a new type plasticizer . It has great solubility with PVC and it is toxic free, The product can pass CTI certification and it can pass EU standard and it can replace DOP. DINP plasticizer , The product can be widely used in PVC pressure and hard products and the replacing rate can be 30-50%. Compare to the other plasticizer , it has great tone, high flash point and low freezing point.
At the same time, it has great plasticizer effect and it can improve the stability and reduce the cost of PVC products.