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ZSJ568 (Pure Ester Series New type environment protective plasticizer)

Technology index:
1. Appearance: light yellow transparent oil liquid
2. Ester content % ≥99.0
3. Acid valuemgKOH/g ≤0.8
4. Flash point: (open)℃ ≥195
5. Density(g/cm3): 1.05~1.15
6. Heating loss % ≤0.3

Property and feature:
Light yellow oil liquid, and the product can replace main plasticizer.
It has great solubility, heat stability and it is cold resistance. The product is non-toxic and it can pass SGS 15P, ROHS, PAHS tests and it is the plasticizer industry new type main plasticizer.

Use: It can be widely used in PVC plastic grain, artificial leather, cable materials and so on.

Package: Iron buckets Package, Net weight : 200kg/ bucket.